We support our hospitals, staff, and patients by providing funding from community donations to go over and beyond what is already provided by the NHS.

The hospitals we support serve an enormous range of clinical services and care to a population of over 1.2 million people. By working in partnership with hospital staff, we strive to ensure that we enhance the patient experience wherever we can.

What we fund

We work together with hospital staff to understand where we can maximise our impact. Our funding projects are varied and extensive, from small comforts for patients or staff to larger projects, we consider funding with the view to improving care, wellbeing, and innovation.
Our funding falls into one of five main categories:

Hospital environment improvements
State-of-the-art equipment funding
Staff wellbeing initiatives
Funding of ground-breaking research and innovation
Supporting the development and training of hospital staff

Everything you need to know about completed projects, donations and funding can be found in the latest edition of our newsletter.

Annual report and accounts

Read our latest annual report and accounts which contains information on the past year’s activities, funding highlights, strategic report, governance and financial details.

Make a donation

Your donation, whether big or small makes an enormous difference to our patients, families and staff.