The Big One – £1,000, one month, are you and your team up for the challenge?

We are challenging local companies to raise £1,000 in one month (or if this is too tricky perhaps one quarter or even one year depending on the size of your company!) to support Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity.

All companies that sign up to the challenge can choose which hospital and service they would like to support. This is to help ensure that the challenge is motivating and tailored to the individual needs of the business and their employees and customers, as their might be a particular area of the hospital which is close to their hearts.

We will provide all companies with support and advice as to how they can raise the funds to help make it as engaging and fun as possible for all taking part and we can also assist with related PR.

To help involve others in the community perhaps you know of another local business that you work with who you could nominate to take part and have a competition as to who could raise the funds first?

If you are successful in reaching the target you will receive a framed certificate, be featured in our wall of fame special in our fundraising newsletter, as well as local press and social media. We can also invite members of your company in to present the cheque to the area of the hospital they would like to support and provide feedback on what the money was used to purchase.

We will work with wards across the hospitals to tick items off their ‘wish list’ and help inform you of what the hospital needs most. If there is a piece of kit that is more than £1000 we can also try to pair you with other local businesses wishing to support the same area.

This is the first year that the charity has run this exciting corporate challenge and we would really love to have a minimum of 10 companies sign up in 2021 – creating £10,000 for patients across the hospitals!

If you and your colleagues would like to take part then we would love to come and meet with you and discuss how you can launch your fundraising, please email or call 01702 385337 for more information