Payroll and matched giving

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way of donating to Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity and supporting patients and local services.

Payroll giving is a scheme that allows anyone who pays UK income tax to donate regularly to charity. Payroll giving donations are taken straight from your pay slip and from your gross (pre-tax) pay.

Because payroll giving donations are taken from your gross (pre-tax) pay, your donation is tax free. For example, a donation of £5 a month costs the basic tax payer £4 – the taxman pays the difference! Payroll giving donations are also beneficial to Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity, as we do not need to claim back tax through Gift Aid, which reduces our administration costs.

Any donation that you could make big or small makes a huge difference to the hospitals and the patients we treat. The regular nature of these donations also help us to plan and efficiently spend charity funds.

If you change employer, your payroll giving donation will automatically stop. It is easy to set it up again; please simply contact us for a new form.

Matched giving

Are you looking to increase your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, increase employee engagement and support Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity all at the same time?

Matching your employees’ contribution is a great way to encourage your staff to support Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity and potentially doubles the money that could go towards helping our patients. Matched giving donations are also made from a company’s gross profits before tax – offering a tax relief benefit (as they are treated as a corporate donation).

If you’re an employee, check with your HR department to see if your company already practices match giving. If not, please encourage them to start….

If you would like advise on how to set up payroll giving/ matched giving or how to promote a scheme across your business or organisation please contact the team on or call 01702 385337.