Local Groups & Organisations

Are you part of a local group or organisation and want to get together to support all, or one, of our hospitals? Fundraising as part of a group, no matter how big or small, is a fantastic way to raise funds, have fun and make some fantastic friends along the way. Here are some ways you could help.

Perhaps you are the upcoming president or chairperson of a club and are looking for a charity to support throughout your term. Please chose us as your ‘charity of the year’ and we can help to promote your activities to the wider community through our newsletters, social media and to staff, patients and visitors at our hospitals.

Do you have a club house or regular meeting place? It would be great if you could display a collection tin or two and help to promote our events and appeals by displaying our posters and leaflets.

Helping us to spread the word about our charity can be just as important as raising funds. We would be delighted to visit your group to talk to your members about what we do and how they can help.

For further information please call the Community Fundraising team on
01702 385 337 or email MSE.Charity@nhs.net