Employee fundraising – easy office ideas

Getting your place of work involved in fundraising is a great way to build team spirit and boost morale within your workplace whilst raising much-needed funds for our hospitals at the same time!

Whatever you decide to do to raise moneyour team are available to offer advice, support and fundraising materials.

Mid & South Essex Hospitals Charity is grateful for all support. We appreciate that your working lives may be very busy and are extremely grateful for any donation – large or small!

Easy Office Ideas

There are plenty of ways by which you and your colleagues can raise funds to help patients of our hospitals. Here are just a few:

Collection boxes

There may be an opportunity to place one or more collection boxes in the dining room, shop counters or at reception desks. Loose change can add up to a lot of money over a few weeks! As soon as your box is full, contact the Hospital’s fundraising office and a member of the team will exchange it for a new one.

Dress down day

Employees make a donation for the pleasure of coming to work dressed just how they like for once. Alternatively select a colour or theme for the chosen day. Some companies offer this initiative monthly or even weekly!

Sponsored shave

Only for the brave – a colleague is sponsored to have their hair, beard or moustache shaved off…. To put a spin on this – why not be really daring and go for a sponsored leg, chest or back wax!

Swear boxes

Employees are fined for every swear word uttered!

Gain Extra Paid Holiday

Speak to your boss to see if they will give the highest bidder or winner of a raffle an extra day’s paid holiday. Alternatively see if they will allow all staff the opportunity to purchase additional holiday time e.g. to the maximum of a week, all monies could then be donated.

“WHO’S THE BABY?” Challenge

Colleagues submit a baby photograph of themselves. Everyone makes a donation to have at guess at who the baby actually is. If five or more are guessed correctly, then a mystery prize is won.

Cake or plant sale

Hold a cake or plant sale in your staff canteen or reception area, encourage all employees to bake a cake!

Car wash

The company car park could be made into a temporary car wash, with people making a donation for a team of employees/volunteers to wash the cars.

Sponsored office diet

Who is the biggest loser! Raise pounds in your efforts to shed pounds!

Staff canteen donation

This one is for companies with their own coffee shop or canteen. Why not add 20p to the cost of everything for a set hour or day. Alternatively, why not donate the normal profits of everything sold in a nominated one hour period.

VAT Donation

Company makes a donation equivalent to a nominated day’s VAT revenue.

Pay-up time

Get your boss to sponsor you for every phone call you make, every letter you write, every email you send – and then work harder than you’ve ever worked

Company quiz night

Your company could hold a quiz night in the work canteen or even the local pub. Teams of four from each department have a knockout style challenge using trivial pursuits, blockbusters, question of sports formula etc.

Cracker/ doughnut eating competition

Volunteers are sponsored to see how many crackers they can eat without taking a drink of water. It is harder than you think – the mouth becomes very dry (or you could try eating doughnuts without licking your lips!).

Company fun night

This could range from a fancy dress disco to a Caribbean night with disco, buffet, raffle and tombola. Put these on for colleagues and friends with a set entrance fee. Alternatively, your company could also organise a fun night out at a local bowling alley paying an increased entrance fee with a percentage of this fee going to our charity.

Donations in lieu of Christmas/ Birthday cards

Why not make a donation to a hospital of your choice  in place of sending cards to colleagues or clients this year! Then send one email out on everyone’s behalf listing who has donated.

Challenges for the more active

Why not enter a team or individual in a major sporting event and choose one of our hospitals as your chosen charity. For the even more adventurous have you considered a parachute jump, white-water rafting or even an overseas challenge. Please contact us for more information.

Office based challenges / Wacky World Records

Test the skills of your colleagues with these fun world record attempts. No official adjudicator required – all just for fun to see if any of your office buddies can beat a record! simply see how close you can get to the current world records and charge each person a small fee to take part. Alternatively, set challenges for the team – all wear pedometers and see which team in the office walks the most steps in a week. The possibilities for fun challenges are endless….

Please note some of the record information below may be out of date. For more ideas or latest record information please see: www.gwrchallengers.com

Fastest game of operation

The fastest time to complete the game of Operation was 21.87 seconds achieved by Maharoof Decibels (India) at the Guinness World Records Pavilion in Global Village, Dubai, UAE, on 28 November 2008.

Most t-shirts put on in one minute

The most t-shirts put on in a minute is 25 and was achieved by Ozlem Akin (Turkey) at the GWR Live! Roadshow at Forum Istanbul, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 31 January 2010

Most eggs held in one hand

The most eggs held in one hand is 24 and was achieved by Zachery George (USA) at the Subway restaurant, Parsons, West Virginia, USA, on 21 March 2009

Most circles with basketball round waist in 30 secs

We don’t have an official record for this yet, could it be you? Minimum required score for GWR is 30 circles. Highest contender at the moment – 48.

Most push-ups with claps in one minute

The most push ups with claps performed in one minute is 73, by Stephen Buttler (UK) in Morda, Shropshire, UK, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 12 November 2009.

Most M&M’s/Smarties eaten in one minute using chopsticks

The most smarties eaten in one minute using chopsticks is 64 and was achieved by Kathryn Ratcliffe (UK) at Whitley Bay Baptist Church in Whitely Bay, United Kingdom, on 18 April 2010.

Most After Eight mints eaten in one minute, without hands

The most After Eight thin mints eaten in one minute without hands is 9 and was achieved by Jim Lyngvilds (Denmark) on the set of the TV show Go aften Danmark, in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 1 October 2010.

Highest score on Wii Fit Hula Hooping (Wii)

The highest score on Wii Fit Hula Hooping is 325, and was achieved by Andy Fulwood (UK) at ASDA Supermarket in Derby, UK on 16 April 2009.

Longest paper aircraft flight

The longest flight of a hand-launched paper aircraft is 27.9 sec by Takuo Toda (Japan) at the Fukuyama Big Rose in Hiroshima, Japan, on 11 April 2009.

Most forward rolls in one minute

We don’t have an official record for this yet, could it be you? Minimum required score for GWR is 30 forward rolls. Top entrant at the moment – 48 forward rolls.

Don’t forget to take some action photos of your fundraising activities. We can use them in our Fundraising newsletter and your company newsletter may wish to recognise your efforts in a similar way too.

Lastly, it is important to talk to your manager before embarking on any fundraising activities.

Some points to consider:

  • Some organisations adopt a nominated charity for a period of time and focus all their staff fundraising activities on that charity;
  • Does your organisation allow any time off for fundraising activities and events or must it be done totally out of working hours or during the lunch break?
  • How much time do you have?
  • Will your colleagues support you?
  • Does your organisation offer any matched-giving scheme to support employee fundraising? It is worth investigating if your company does this, as it means your donation is effectively doubled!

For further support on how you can get involved, please call 01702 385337 or e-mail mse.charity@nhs.net